Sunday, September 28, 2008

competency 2008

Here we go
 Now after working all year they want to know if you are competent. 
They also can't decide what that means so they change the playing field every year. It keeps you off guard and you don't know what to expect. 
For the last two years it has been no stress. You would go from station to station and go over this and that. The years before this it was station to station  and written test that you had to pass or be in danger of losing your job.
This year the RN's will perform competency demonstrations. There will be no teaching or prompting at the stations, so come prepared.  
I feel pressure I feel like I come prepared every night I work. Why do I feel this pressure 
I would be interest to know how other hospital do competency      

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Kim said...

I just finished my yearly eval and equipment fair. All we do is watch them give a little talk about each equipment. That is it. We have about 40 hours of education on the computer to also complete.