Monday, September 8, 2008

 I have had a couple days off. Back to work tonight 
Question is where will I be 
Postpartum: with three to four couplets 
Admission: to worry about what ever comes thru the doors and of course the change of shift delivery that happens every AM
ICN: with 3-4 sick infants. 
Seems like at our hospital there is an issue of how often you are in the ICN Too little and you don't keep up your skills,too much and someone else is worried about their skills.
We do about 150 deliveries  a month. We always have from 1-4 in the ICN and sometimes more.
We have a level 2 ICN anything higher we stabilize  and send to a level 3.
I think my best place is:
 Postpartum: Helping Moms with their new family. Getting breast feeding off to a good start 
Maybe admission: When things go well I love being part of the fun of welcoming a new born to loving  family. Everyone is high on  the miracle of child birth, You almost feel part of the family.
Maybe ICN : Helping parents cope with a little one thats off to a rough start. Supporting  family as we get an infant ready for transport. 
Guess I will work where  they put me and enjoy it. I am thankful to have the job I have           

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Genevieve said...

I appreciated what you said about helping get breastfeeding off to a successful start. A good nurse helped me start breastfeeding my first baby. She was a tremendous help.