Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Joys of Night Shift

Ok Here I am 
Husband gone on some tripe. He works at home so it is rare to be here without him. He always wants to know what I am going to do with my time. He knows I work tonight. After 21 years of my work schedule  [12 hours nights] you would think he knows.
Night Shift 
 0900        You try to drag yourself up at some reasonable time since you didn't work last night.
 0930         Coffee 
1000           If your are very motivated you take a tripe to the gym where you find all those perky people who are awake in the AM on a routine bases.
1105          Coffee with your sisters who also work day shift.
1300         Should I eat lunch or not? Should, you even call it lunch.
1400        Must take a nap or read or watch TV Oh why can't I sleep I know at 0400 I will give anything just to close my eyes for a second or two But now is when I need to sleep. Oh! Is that the phone? 
1600   Just fell asleep 30 minutes ago but must get up now. I have a staff meeting at 1700. Those people who work day shift think a staff meeting at 1700 will be nice time for night shift. Never mind they have to sleep and have 12 hours ahead of them. Of course I could go at 0715 but then I have to hold my head up with one hand and at least one eye open with the other. Your brain is telling you I need sleep and has shut down, so you never know what is being said.
1838 Clock in time! Not to early and not to late or you will lose points 
1845 Take report and get done by 0715. 
0645 Give report to day shift who wonder why you didn't get this done or that done 
0715 Drive home safely. 
0800 Fall back into bed because you have to get up and be back at work by 1838
I have  been doing this for 21 years. He still asks what are you going to do today.      


Kim said...

I have worked nights for the last five years and my husband still thinks I sleep at work! That should be able to complete his chores during the day! Yeah right! I have added you to my blog roll! I will be back. Kim

DBS said...

So hilarious. Our hubby's don't understand what we do, even if we try to explain.

My friends that have husbands that are RN's still don't know what L & D, nursery, and postpartum nurses do. It must be a man blocking out womanly stuff syndrome!